Jesus Christ – example

“The Savior is our example in everything–not only in what we should do but why we should do it.” (Jean B. Bingham, Relief Society General President, “Ministering as the Savior Does,” General Conference, April 2018)

“As we learn more about Jesus Christ, we develop greater faith in Him and we naturally want to follow His example. Keeping His commandments becomes our greatest desire. Our hearts yearn to relieve others’ suffering, as He did.” (Jean B. Bingham, Relief Society General President, “That Your Joy Might Be Full,” General Conference, October 2017)

“When we ask ourselves, ‘What shall we do?’ let’s ponder this question: ‘What does the Savior do continually?’ He nurtures. He creates. He encourages growth and goodness.” (Neill F. Marriott, Young Women General Presidency, “What Shall We Do?” General Conference, April 2016)

“The more we follow Christ, the more we will feel His love and direction; the more we feel His love and direction, the more we will want to speak and teach truth as He did, even when we face opposition.” (Neill F. Marriott, Young Women General Presidency, “What Shall We Do?” General Conference, April 2016)

“As we use our time in mortality to study and apply the Savior’s teachings, we become more like Him. We come to understand that He is the way–the only way–we can overcome mortal challenges, be healed, and return back to our heavenly home.” (Carole M. Stephens, Relief Society General Presidency, “The Family Is of God,” General Conference, April 2015)

“Jesus is the Christ. He is the one perfect Son–submissive, meek, humble, patient, and so full of love. May each of us have a heart to follow His example, to become as a little child, and thereby return to our heavenly home.” (Jean A. Stevens, Primary General Presidency, “Become as a Little Child,” General Conference, April 2011)

“It is important to establish patterns of righteousness in your own life, which will enable you to set a good example for your family, whatever form your family may take.” (Mary N. Cook, Young Women General Presidency, “Strengthen Home and Family,” General Conference, October 2007)

“As we attune our lives to emulate the life shown us by the Savior, we will know that the light of Zion is arising, that we are becoming a people prepared for His return.” (Kathleen H. Hughes, Relief Society General Presidency, “Out of Small Things,” General Conference, October 2004)

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